Latvian National Film Award 2019 - Best SCORE


Golden Microphone award 2018

Rihards Zalupe is an awarded Latvian composer, producer and percussionist. Versatility is what puts him on the cutting edge of academic music, as well as of the contemporary, being one of the enthusiastic new composers. His film scoring credits include “The Pagan King”, "1906", "Klases Salidojums (The Reunion)", “OKI - In the middle of the ocean”.

List of Zalupe’s academic works includes vast range of musical forms - symphonies, sacral music, solo pieces for orchestra, music for modern individual projects and various instruments.

As a percussionist Rihards Zalupe has been involved in performances covering all kinds of music genres – from classical/accademic to jazz/rock/electronic/house ect.

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