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GreenRiver MUSIC The company has been operating since 2010. In its beginnings it offered professional musicians for concerts and corporate events. In recent years, the focus has been on composing and producing music for projects in a variety of formats - music, soundtracks for movies and theater; custom compositions for top Latvian academic music artists; as well as arranging, producing services for popular music; music for commercial projects - advertisements, product presentation videos, fashion shows, and more. Music composer and producer is Rihards Zalupe, but each project is unique, therefore, accordingly a team of professionals is formed for each individual project. The best Latvian specialists are attracted and there is a well established cooperation with professionals from the United States, England and Finland. 

We provide:

- Original music creation, recording, production

- Music arranging, orchestration

- Provision of music recording (provision of location and team, coordination of the process)

- Creation of music mix/master

- Music publishing services

- Project coordination (team coordination, accommodation, catering and other technical needs)

Realized projects: 




Latvian Radio RECORDING STUDION no. 1

DOME Cathedral


Great Guild Hall


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