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Rihards Zaļupe (1983) — award-winning Latvian composer, producer and percussionist. 

The list of realized films includes internationally recognized films such as "Tizlenes", "O2", "1906", "The Pagan King", etc. The list of Zaļupe's academic music works includes a wide range of musical forms — symphonies, sacred music, orchestral works, music for modern individual projects and instruments.

As a percussionist, Rihards Zaļupe has been involved in performances of various genres — from classical / academic to jazz / rock / electronics / house, etc. Therefore, he is able to use his extensive knowledge of classical forms and structures, intertwining them with elements of popular, ethnic and electronic music on a daily basis.



2021 - Main THEME from TV3 GO series - DON'T BE AFRAID OF ANYTHING got HMMA Nomination for"Best Main Title - TV Show (Foreign Language)

2019 – R.Zalupe album THE PAGAN KING (Original SCORE for a movie THE PAGAN KING) received the Latvian Music Records Award 2018 in the category  - Best Instrumental or Crossover album of the year

2018 – Original Score for a theatrical performance Baladina (VDT)  got a nomination in Latvian Theatre Awards ceremony (Spelmanu nakts 2018 ) in  a category - Years best musical score author

2018  - Original Score for  a children‘s play Zelta Zirgs (LLT). She show was nominated in Latvian Theatre Awards ceremony (Spelmanu nakts 2018 ) in a category - Large Scale Production

2018 – R.Zalupe produced latvian rock group DaGamba album – LudwigVanRamstein received the Latvian Music Records Award 2018 in the category  - Best Instrumental or Crossover album of the year

2017 – R.Zalupe album Ziemas ATMOSFERAS (WINTER ATMOSPHERES) received the Latvian Music Records Award 2017 in the category  - Best Instrumental or Crossover album of the year

2016  –  Symphony Namejs recieved Dienas Gada Balva in kulture – Zelta Kartupelis (Golden Potato)

2016 – R.Zalupe produced latvian singers group Latvian Voices album Behind the Borders got a nomination in the Latvian Music Records Award 2015 in the category  - Best Academic music album of the year

2014 – his composed and performed music for children’s play Butterfly got Oustanding Music Composition and Outsatnding Accopmpanist awards at AACT World Festival in Venice (Florida, USA)

2012 – his composed and performed music for children’s play Butterfly got Best Children’s Play at Spēlmaņu Nakts 2012 Ceremony.

2012 – his composed and performed music for children’s play Butterfly got Excellence’s Award at Baltic Theatre Festival.

2010 - Neverending price as Most listened academic work in radio and television.

2010 – Xylem TRIO album In The Mood Of Giya Kancheli what they made together with world known composer Giya Kancheli received the Latvian Music Records Award 2010 in the category The debut of the year and Best Instrumental, film or theater album of the year 2010. 

2010 – R. Zalupe comosed score for album Seven Stories of the Gospel of Thomas got the nomination as Best Academic album in the Latvian Music Records Award 2010.

2009 – Xylem TRIO album Christmas Letter received the Latvian Music Records Award 2009 in the category Best Instrumental, film or theater album of the year.

2008 - R.Zaļupe and the album Marimba Dance (together with R.  Petrauskis and State Choir Latvija) received the Latvian Music Records Award 2008 in the category The debut of the year.

2006 - R.Zaļupe received the Latvian Music Academy and Hansabanka Award for the Best student of the year.

1994 – R.Zalupe got 1st prize in Latviasn Talants 1994.







2022 Where is The Key? (post)

2022 Nebaidies Ne No kā (S02)

2021 Tabu

2021 Perfektās Kāzas

2021 Tizlenes

2021 Nebaidies No Neka (S01)

2020 Komandas Mūzika

2020 O2

2020 Asjad, millest me ei räägi

2020 Klases Salidojums 2

2020 The Great Fools

2019 1906

2019 Klases Salidojums

2018 The Pagan King

2014 OKI – In The Middle Of The Ocean




2018 BaladIna (VDT)

2017 Zelta Zirgs (LLT)

2017 Karkli (JRT)

2016 Pilna Maras istabina (JRT)

2012 Galvas Maina (LNT)

2012 Dzejtaurenis (GRMUSIC)





2016 Summer ATMOSPHERES ( for percussion, electronics and piano)

·      Ensomnia

·      Sunrise on Mars

·      Pi

·      House Jack

·      Stars

·      Sinai

·      Akids

2016 Music for a salute - Cesis 810

2015 Winter ATMOSPHERES (for marimba, percussion and electronics)

·    Jauns rīts

·    Stāsts par senām skumjām

·    Miegs Ziemeļos

·    Netīruma krāsa

·    Putnuzeme

·    Sakrālā meditācija

·    Ziemassvētku trakums

·    Plāksnes un zvani

2014 Fairy tale - 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf (Music SCORE)

2011 Elektro Simfonia (for marimba, percussion, drums and electronics)

•                Future

•                Desert

•                Ghotic


•                Change Yourself

•                Girl with Maxima

•                Ballet

•                Africa

•                Fighting

•                Orient

•                Fast food

•                Robo

•                Messiah





2021 - Full Monn Orchestra - for Bigband (Comissioned by Bigbends Jelgava, conductor Raitis Ašmanis)

2020 - Rebonds C - Concert for Percussion DUO and Symphonic orchestra (Comissioned by Edgars Saksons and Latvian National Symphony Orchestra)

2020 - Rebonds C - Concert for Percussion DUO and Percussion sextet (Comissioned by Jazeps Vitols Latvian Music Academy)

2020 - enetmas - for Mixed Choir a capella  (Comissioned by Jazeps Vitols Latvian Music Academy)

2020 - Christams Carousel - for Mixed Choir a capella  (Comissioned by State Choir Latvija, conductor Māris Sirmais)

2019 - Namejs - For Percussion SOLO and Wind Orchestra

2019 - Namejs Suite  - for Percussion Sextet

2019 - Ritmiska Vokalize - for Mixed Choir a cappella (Comissioned by Latvian Radio Choir, conductor Sigvards Kļava)

2019 Lūgšana Melnajai Monseratas Madonnai  - for Saxophone quartet, marimba, Vibraphone, Campanelli and Mixed choir) – Comossioned by Riga Saxophone Quartet and Gramy Award – winning Latvian Radio Choir

2018 Noslēpumu sala – Suite for Wind Symphonic Band

·      1st mov. – Mystery Balloon

·      2nd mov. – Lost

·      3rd  – The Island’s Secret

2018 Aust gaismiņa, lec saulīte – for kokle ensemble, mixed choir, cello, contrabass and percussion. 

·      1st movement

·      2nd movement

2018 Es ESMU – for girls and boys choir and marimba solo

2018 Fantāzija Pūtēju orķestrim - for Wind Symphonic Band

2018 PHRASES – for piano solo

2017 Tik-tak-TIK – for piano, soprano saxophone and marimba

2017 2nd Symphony - Dievs Kungs ir mūsu stiprā pils

2016 Type (for Mixed choir – comissioned by University of Louisville Choral Department 

2016 Liepājas trio (comissioned by Trio Like – chello, piano and percussion)

2016 Latgales ainavas (3 movement cykle for Latvian Voices, Xylem TRIO, and string orchestra)

2016 Meža Atmosfēras for marimba solo and wind symphonic band

·      1st mov. – Mākoņu ieleja

·      2nd mov. – Krāšņā bambusu birzs

·      3rd mov. - Rudens stari

2015 Sauciens vējā for Mixed choir a cappella

2015 Pasaka par diegabiksi – musical fairy tale for voice and instrumental ensamble

2015 Extention in Blur for Saxophone quartet, percussion and electronic

2015 Credo in unum Deum for Mixed choir a cappella

2015 Lapsu lāpuguns zem kailā enoki koka for Organ, violin and percussion

2015 In principo creative Deus caelum et Terram for girls choir, soloists, percussion ensemble and symphony orchestra

2015 1st Symphony – Namejs:

·      1st mov. - Degošais pilskalns

·      2nd  mov. - Dardedzes šūpuļdziesma

·      3rd mov. - Prologs

·      4th mov. - Kauja un uzticētā brīvība

2014 Prelūdija solo minorā for marimba solo

2014 Palatīnas svētki  - Concert suite for wind symphonic band:

·      1st mov. - Rīts Palatīnas kalnā

·      2nd mov. - Domiciāna Stadions

·      3rd mov. - Farnēzes aizliegtais dārzs

·      4th mov. - Apollona Templis Palatīna

2014 Sequence TRANSORMED for Bass, Eb, Bb clarinet solo, electronic and string orchestra

2014 Ātrums, lietus un tvaiks for 8 cello’s

2013 Oratorio MAIZE (soprānam, tenoram, jauktajam korim, sieviešu korim, kokļu ansamblim un simfoniskajam orķestrim)

·      1st mov. -Maize ir kā pasaule

·      2nd mov. - Gurģī priekš saules plikam jāar

·      3rd mov. -Un DZIEDIET

·      4th mov. - Nenovirzāmi

·      5th mov. -Poēma ir vaļā

2013 4+4 Squared – concert for saxophone quartet, symphony orchestra and mixed choir

·      Prelūdija

·      Fūga

2013 Time Machine for marimba solo and electronics

2013 80 minūtēs apkārt zemeslodei – ballet in 2 ACTS

2012 Mēnesī... – for mixed choir a cappella

2012 Pamodies Ziemassvētkos  for Mixed choir, soloists and symphony orchestra

•                1st mov. - Ziemassvētku nakts kad nāks

•                2nd mov. - Sniedziņš gurkst

•                3rd mov. - Anācis nemanīts

2012 IeElpa – POEM for symphony orchestra 

2011 Nospiedums  for clarinet solo, dedicated to Guntis Kuzma

2011 Landscape of Quetzalcoatli  - Concert for 10 timpanies and symphony orchestra 

2010 1133 for mixed choir, dedicated to choir MASKA

2010 7 Stories of the gospel of Thomas for mixed choir, soloists,  Xylem TRIO and electronics

•                1st mov. -Whoeber Hears These Words Shall Never Taste The Death!

•                2nd mov. - Seeks, Finds, Reigns, Rests

•                3rd mov. - Fire, Sword and War

•                4th mov. - I Shall Give You

•                5th mov. - A Man Has Recieved Visitors

•                6th mov. - See The Kingdom Is The Sky

2010 Rikšiem bērīt es palaidu – fantasy for wind symphonic orchestra

2010 Variantion’s for marimba duo

2010 Moving en masse for string quartet

2010 Fanfares and Marches for percussion ensemble

·      Uvertīra

·      Ačikops

·      Rīga Dimd

·      Pūt vējiņi

·      Zidi, zidi rudzuvorpa

·      Nu ar dievu vidzemīte

·      Mazs bij tēva novadiņis

2009 Marimba Suite No. 1 in G dur

·      Prelude

·      Allemande

·      Courante

·      Sarabande

·      Menuet 

·      Guige

2008 3 Lietus meža dziesmas for women’s ensemble

2008 Jandāls - arrangemet of latvian folk song Jandāls for  marimba symphony orchestra


2008 Polovciešu dejas - arrangemet of A. Borodin Polovtsian dances for marimba and symphony orchestra 

2007 Svēts ir! –f or marimba and mixed choir

·      1st mov. - Gods Dievam augstībā!

·      2nd mov. - Agnus dei

2007 Concertino for marimba and wind band

2007 Dance for marimba and piano

2007 Enģeļus mēs dzirdējām  for six women voices

2006 Piespēlē! – for boy’s choir, soprano solo and jazz instrumental ensemble

·      1st mov. - Septiņas skaņas

·      2nd mov. -Pavisam traks

·      3rd mov. - Piespēlē

2005 Concert fro marimba and wind band 

2004 Surrexit Christus for mixed choir and organ

2004 Domine, miserere nobis!  - for mixed choir and percussion(

2004 Orbis Terrarum for percussion and organ

·      1st mov. - Pāgātne

·      2nd mov. -Tagadne

·      3rd mov. - Nākotne

2004 Klusa nakts, Svēta nakts for marimba solo

2004 Ziemassvētku korālis for percussion and organ

2004 Ziemassvētku prieks for percussion, soprano solo and organ

2003 Impressions about Berlin for vibraphone solo

2002 Austrumu fantāzija 2 for marimba duo

2002 Austrumu fantāzija for marimba solo

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